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Mia Francis-Poulin

Mia Francis-Poulin Featured


When Mia Francis-Poulin was a young writer putting together bad poetry on the back of napkins, she didn’t do so with the thought of starting a company. But when she suddenly left the corporate world in 2018, she knew two things: 1) she needed to make money, and 2) she knew how to write her ass off. Years later, The Copy Haus is the result, and our mission is to do copy differently. We believe that traditional marketing is broken and that marketing that uses psychological manipulation to drive people to take action is gross. Instead, The Copy Haus team aims to write copy for service-driven businesses, coaches, entrepreneurs and clients that sounds authentic to their voice, connects with their audience, and gets their clients’ mission and message across clearly and efficiently. Mia and her team are damn good at what they do, and they have a lot of fun doing it.


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