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Meagan Hernandez

Meagan Hernandez


Meagan Wright Hernandez is a mom of 2, wife to her Colombian sweetheart and a Tax Accountant & Bookkeeping Coach. 

After having their son, Nicolas or “Nico” over 3 years ago, Meagan decided she was tired of the Corporate life and started her own Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax business. 

Once her daughter, Camila or “Mila” came along over 1 year ago, Meagan had grown her business into an agency and added offerings of Financial Education services to Emerging Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners as well as Coaching to aspiring Bookkeepers. 

As a now established business, Meagan has found her passion truly lies in working with soul-led, heart-centered and genuinely kind Small Business Owners – equipping them to get the most tax savings, to operate in compliance and to have a system in place for financial growth & success.


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