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Karen Loomis

Karen Loomis


Karen Loomis, oracle and founder of No Moss Brands, is no stranger to the impact of racism; not only in her personal life, but professional life as well. In 2000, Karen moved from Spokane, Wa to Phoenix, AZ to find better opportunities as promised by the fifth largest city in the U.S. With only 2% AA, Spokane proved to be a challenging environment, as is Phoenix, with only 6% AA.

Karen has never shied away from the many barriers racism presented. She has always felt her extensive education and professional experiences could overcome these often invisible challenges. Unfortunately, institutional racism has proven to be too big of a hurdle for one person to take on. Using No Moss Brands as the vehicle Karen will use her voice to open the eyes of others who are willing to join all People of Color on this journey to change.


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