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Jill Brugal

Jill Brugal Featured


Jill has been a little bit of everything: from a CPA auditing the financial statements of publicly traded companies, to a massage therapist trainer and hotel spa consultant in the Dominican Republic, to a craft beer bar owner, to a black belt martial arts educator.

With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience, Jill understands how to translate a business owner’s passion into a message that their customers need to hear. Her writing experience is diverse and ranges from bottle labels to business plans, web content, commercial video scripts, press releases, magazine articles, and social media quips.

Jill runs her own blog site, and is in the process of publishing her memoir, “A Chronic Case of Hetero.” Her writing has also been published in the Upledger Institute book “An Answer to Your Pain” and on the wellness app Saged. She’s a member of the groups Babe Crafted and the Tampa LGBT Chamber of Commerce.



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